DIY Built-In Bookshelves with a Hidden Bookcase Door

March 24, 2021

hidden bookshelf door, hidden door to room, hidden bookcase door on casters

We finally have built-in bookshelves! I’ve wanted these for quite a while, but it was a big project, so Jon took some convincing. It’s kind of funny though, because once I thought of the idea that made him want them (a Scooby-Doo door!), he had to convince me to start them the very next week! I posted the entire bookshelf DIY tutorial with a hidden bookcase door over on my author blog.

DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume | Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

October 25, 2019

Looking for an easy Halloween costume that you can make the night before Halloween? Maybe you are looking for a costume that you can wear with your regular clothes to take the kids trick-or-treating or a costume to wear to work?

This Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds costume ticks all the boxes! It’s easy to make even the night before Halloween & it’s a little quirky which is always fun! And of course, it’s a perfect costume for Beatles fans! But, also non-fans too 🙂

diy last minute halloween costume - lucy in the sky with diamonds - beatles costume

DIY Faux Tattoo

August 28, 2019

faux tattoo of cool cat illustration by hello small world

I remember as a kid how fun it was to get faux tattoos! I don’t even remember where you got them — maybe from those gumball machines with plastic egg-type containers?!? Sometimes you got a cool tattoo & sometimes they were just eh, okay.  I would always wear them either way J If they had this magical thing called temporary tattoo paper back when I was a kid, no one gave me the memo. It’s so handy and not even just for tattoos! I bought some last year and used it to decorate Easter eggs. But, now I’ve finally tried it out for its intended purpose as a faux tattoo & it worked even better than on the eggs!