Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume | Harriet The Spy

October 11, 2023

Harriet the Spy is an easy DIY costume that can be put together with almost no notice or little effort. Because really who has the time to spend hours on a Halloween costume? 

Harriet the Spy last minute Halloween costume with red hoodie, flashlight, magnifying glass, fake glasses, composistion notebook and free downloadable sticker for notebook to make the look official.
Woman in zipped up red hoodie for a Harriet M. Welsch aka Harriet the Spy Halloween costume DIY idea.

This one is such an easy option if you need a last-minute Halloween or book character costume! 

Most of the main items needed for any Harriet the Spy costume are things you probably already have:

            1 – Red hoodie

            2 – Converse sneakers

            3 – Jeans

            4 – Flashlight

            5 – Magnifying glass, binoculars, or something else useful for spying

            6 – A notebook (black and white composition is best)

            7 – Fake glasses (optional)

To make your Harriet costume official and “spy route” ready, print this free printable Harriet M. Welsch PRIVATE sticker to put on your notebook! 

Free printable Harriet M. Welsch PRIVATE sticker for composition notebook to easily complete Harriet the Spy last-minute DIY halloween costume.
Free printable sticker for Harriet the Spy costume on a composition notebook.

No fake glasses lying around for a last-minute costume? No problem. This costume works without fake spy glasses too!

Harriet the Spy DIY halloween costume option without fake glasses. With only red hoodie, converse sneakers, jeans, flashlight and free sticker for notebook.
Harriet the Spy book character costume DIY without fake glasses but using a free printable Harriet M. Welsch PRIVATE sticker for notebook.

Happy costume making!