DIY Garland Idea For Last Year’s Calendar

November 8, 2018

DIY garland idea for last years calendar, DIY for old calendar, office decor, kids room decor, kid craft, illustrated garland, illustration, what to do with last years calendar, Jaunty Animals calendar from Hello Small World, animal decor, animal artAt the end of each year comes the end of usefulness for that yearly calendar, but it doesn’t have to be. Cutting out the illustrations from last year’s calendar to reuse & repurpose them is a fun and easy DIY craft project! You can make your old calendar illustrations into a quirky animal collage of wall art prints or you can turn them into a whimsical animal garland to hang in kid’s rooms, your office or any place that can use a fun, make you smile, element of whimsy!


  • – Last year’s Jaunty Animals calendar
  • – Scissors
  • – Bakers twine
  • – Tape

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After you cut out the illustrations from each month, lay them out in the order you want and tape the backs of them to the twine.

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TIP: To make sure they hang the way you want & all face forward, it’s easier to tape them to the twine while it is hanging the way you plan to have it.

Happy paper garland making!