Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume | Rosie The Riveter

October 30, 2018

So, you want to dress up for Halloween, but who has the time to spend hours on a costume? Or, maybe you put your Halloween costume off until the very last minute!!!

Rosie the Riveter is a classic & it’s so easy to pull this costume together quick! Plus girl power!

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last minute halloween costume - rosie the riveter iconic pose, rosie the riveter poster picture, diy rosie the riveter costume

The main pieces for any Rosie the Riveter girl power costume are probably all items you already have:

  1. – Chambray button down or dark blue button down shirt
  2. – Jeans OR a dark blue jumpsuit (if you have an awesome jumpsuit you won’t need #1!)
  3. – Boots
  4. – Red with white polka dot headscarf – I got my wire headband from Mane Message!
  5. – Red lipstick

You’ve got your Rosie outfit, you’ve done your hair & makeup and added the red & white polka dot scarf, now print this free printable Rosie the Riveter badge to make it legit!

last minute halloween costume - rosie the riveter free printable badge, diy name tag

Happy costume making!