The Marie Kondo Method for Organizing Tools

April 22, 2019

I came across an article the other day that disagreed with Marie Kondo’s ‘Spark Joy’ method when organizing tools. It was coincidental timing since I had literally been organizing our tools and other garage stuff for the past two days — and I wasn’t googling looking for the article either.

Lately I have been getting on the Marie Kondo bandwagon though and have started following the KonMari Method. I especially love folding things the Marie Kondo way because it seriously is saving us space and helping to keep our drawers more organized!

When I read the article about tools not bringing joy, I really thought about it. Because, yes, I don’t get actual joy from the hammers, nails, wrenches or sander I kept. Not the actual item. And not much joy when using some of the tools I chose to keep during organizing either. But, I get joy when we can hang a picture frame on a moment’s notice or do small repairs without paying someone else to do it or waiting on someone else to do it, or having to run to the store to buy the tool needed to complete the task right before. Even though tools aren’t my favorite items, I do feel some joy when looking at them knowing we can use them instead of everything mentioned above. So, I feel that on some level, they bring me joy knowing we can do our own home repairs without paying someone, and we can take on DIY projects without needing to buy tools every single time.

Obviously you only need so many hammers, etc. to experience this joy, but having some tools neatly organized still sparks joy for me.